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WNBA Basketball

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The WNBA odds have attracted increasingly greater attention in recent years as the league has established its permanency and gained greater exposure. Some basketball bettors initially scoffed at the idea of WNBA sports betting, but now many of these same bettors have found that handicapping the WNBA odds can be exciting and worthwhile.

One advantage of the WNBA odds is that they are offered at a time when few other sports are playing, and another advantage of the WNBA odds is that they can sometimes offer especially good betting value. The WNBA odds have become popular in part because the WNBA season is played at a time when few other sports are being played.

Gamblers who remain eager for basketball betting action after the Final Four and NBA Playoffs have concluded have found that WNBA sports betting offers a perfect basketball betting opportunity. It is true that the WNBA game is slower than the NBA game, but one can find lots of excitement in the WNBA odds nonetheless.

As the league matures and the game develops, entertaining rivalries have emerged and the quality of play has unquestionably improved. Therefore, wagering on the WNBA odds is an opportunity that no basketball gambler should immediately overlook.

Wagering on the WNBA odds can also be appealing simply because the WNBA lines can sometimes present especially good value. In fact, some sports gambling fans argue that the WNBA odds offer better value than the NBA odds because the lines makers devote less attention to setting the WNBA odds.

Moreover, some WNBA sports betting fans claim that surprise upsets are less common in the WNBA, meaning the games may be somewhat easier to predict. As a result of these features of the WNBA, one can sometimes uncover surprisingly good betting value in the WNBA odds that may not be as frequently available in many other sports leagues.

Additionally, the WNBA only involves a relatively small number of teams, meaning WNBA sports betting fans can quickly and easily familiarize themselves with each team's strengths and weaknesses. This feature of the WNBA clearly differs from the NBA, with its 30 teams, or the NCAA, with its countless teams.

Some bettors are apprehensive about starting to handicap the WNBA odds because the bettors feel as though it will require too much time to learn about each team and then follow the WNBA news, but because the WNBA involves so few teams one can be prepared to handicap the WNBA odds in a relatively short period of time.

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Shakena Richardson Headed for Dallas Wings

The WNBA Dallas Wings basketball betting odds have improved now that they have selected Seton Hall University Shakena Richardson as the sixth pick in the third round. Richardson is the first-ever Seton Hall women’s basketball player to be drafted by the WNBA. Two former Pirates played in the league in the 1990s – forwards Dana Wynne and Texlin Quinney. “I knew there was a slight chance that it might happen, but at the same time I was surprised. I was also overwhelmed -- exciting, crying, joyful,” she said.

Is Expansion In the WNBA Coming?

The WNBA has not been as big of a league for betting purposes as other professional sports leagues. Part of this comes from the negative stigma that people have towards womens' sports outside of tennis and golf. The fact that many athletes could do like Diana Taurasi and play overseas for more money could especially hurt the league.

A Look At the Top WNBA Rookies for 2015

The 2015 WNBA Draft was held in April and included many big names to check out. These are some new rookies in 2015 that deserve to be explored. They are players who have come from many schools although some of these players include ones that have been sought after for a while and will prove to be very interesting for everyone to see and enjoy watching.

Will Salary Limits Hurt the WNBA?

The WNBA has experienced a great deal of stability in recent time. The league has held the same twelve teams since 2010 when the Detroit Shock moved to Tulsa. However, there is a real concern in the WNBA surrounding player salaries. This especially comes amid one big-name player skipping the coming 2015 season as a means of making more money elsewhere.

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