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Betting Tennis This Year

Betting tennis this year will involve the four major Grand Slam tournaments in addition to a number of other great tournaments throughout the season.

Gamblers have great options when they bet tennis including odds on players to win the tournaments in addition to the option of betting tennis matchups. Bet tennis options last all year.

The season goes from January all the way into November.  That means a lot of chances to bet tennis tournaments.  Betting tennis involves two main options.  You try and predict which player will win the tournament before it begins or you bet tennis matchups.  As you are betting tennis tournaments you will want to do research.

You can find a wealth of information as you are betting tennis tournaments. The most popular tournaments for betting tennis are the Grand Slam tournaments.  There are four Grand Slam tournaments held each year.  They are the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

As you examine the tennis tournaments remember that not all of the surfaces are the same.  The French Open is played on clay; Wimbledon is on grass while the Australian and U.S. Opens are on hard courts.  As you are betting tennis you must be aware that certain players do well on certain surfaces.

The most glaring example is Rafael Nadal who excels on clay. Considering the surface is just one handicapping factor as you bet tennis.  Other factors to consider are recent form, injuries, past history, etc.  If you want to win money betting tennis you need to do the research.

Remember as you are betting tennis that the men and women do not always play the same tournaments.  They will play the Grand Slam Tournaments at the same time but the men and women have separate Tours and separate tournaments.

You can get handicapping statistics for the men from the ATP site while the women’s stats can be obtained from the WTA site.  These sites can give you valuable handicapping information to consider as you are betting tennis tournaments.

Take a look at the various options available this year as you are betting the many tennis tournaments.  Don’t forget that tournaments are held every month and they oftentimes provide better value than the Grand Slam tennis tournaments.