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Tennis betting with live odds and player match-ups. offers up to initial deposit bonus for tennis betting.

Tennis betting options are available for both men's and women's tournaments. You can bet tennis throughout the year as various tournaments have tennis betting odds each month. Tennis betting for many people involves the Grand Slam events. The four Grand Slam events are Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the French Open and the Australian Open. Tennis betting options for these four tournaments are the most popular, especially Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

Tennis betting is still way down the list of priorities at a sportsbook but you will see options listed on the Grand Slam tournaments and many sportsbooks also offer tennis betting options on other tournaments each month. The first Grand Slam event is the Australian Open in January. The French Open takes place in late May.

Wimbledon is played in late June and the U.S. Open is the final Grand Slam event in late August. These are the four tournaments that get the most action from gamblers around the world. Tennis betting has two basic choices for gamblers. You can bet tennis in regards to a player winning a tournament or you can bet tennis matchups.

The first of those tennis betting choices is like a futures bet. It is where you are wagering on a player to win an event before it begins. It is similar to wagering on a player to win a golf tournament or a driver to win a race. The odds will range anywhere from odds-on to 100-1 or more. The other basic tennis betting choice is the matchup.

This is where you bet one player against another in a matchup. These are usually posted on the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final of a tennis tournament. Usually you won't see the early round matchups since the popular players like Roger Federer would be heavy favorites. A tennis betting matchup is a money line wager similar to what you see in baseball or hockey.

You just need the player you wager on to beat the other player in order to win. You might be laying -150 or -200 to win $100 or the 15/10 or 20/10 equivalent. You can also choose to take the underdog in a tennis betting matchup as well. It can be exciting to bet tennis and it can be profitable if you are able to choose the winner of a tournament or pick profitable matchups.


Who Will Win More Grand Slam Wins in 2015?

Some of the most popular tennis betting lines in 2015 are the lines for who will win a certain number of Grand Slam titles. These bets are typically organized before and after individual Grand Slam events and are often based on the rankings for the top tennis players in the world. These are often reviewed based on points like how well certain players have competed and what individual players could do in the future.

Is Nadal Really Invulnerable On Clay?

Much has been made about Rafael Nadal and how he has been one of the most dominant tennis players on clay surfaces. He has won nine French Open titles, the most of any other tennis player in the history of the game. He has also been famed for being extensively strong on the surface well outside Roland Garros, what with his winning percentage of over .900 on this surface.

Tennis Odds - Nadal Rules Roland Garros

Tennis odds will have Rafael Nadal as the heavy favorite to win the 2011 French Open at Roland Garros with the odds as he has been dominant at that venue.
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Tennis Odds - Roland Garros French Open

Tennis odds handicappers are feeling over the top anticipation and excitement for the 2011 French Open at Roland Garros as the world’s top players will be there.
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Tennis Odds - French Open Women's Contenders

Tennis odds handicappers are excited about the attractive lineup of top women’s players for the 2011 French Open that will highlight the betting odds board.
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Tennis Odds - 2011 French Open top Men's Contenders

Tennis odds handicappers now that Rafael Nadal will be the prohibitive favorite with the tennis betting odds to win the 2011 French Open tournament this year.
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Tennis Betting - Serbia and Spain Lead Davis Cup

Tennis betting fans are getting excited and prepared for 2011 Davis Cup action as Serbia and Spain will open as the favorites to win the title.
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Tennis Betting - Davis Cup Opens March 4

Tennis betting excitement is already starting to build for the 2011 Davis Cup as handicappers will have a phenomenal list of teams to bet the tennis odds with.
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Tennis Gambling - France vs. Serbia in Davis Cup

Tennis gambling handicappers will have one of the most eagerly anticipated matches of the year with the tennis odds as Serbia will host France in the Davis Cup Finals.
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Tennis Gambling - 2010 Davis Cup

Tennis gambling excitement and anticipation is building at a rapid rate for the 2010 Davis Cup Finals as handicappers will bet tennis odds December 3-5.
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