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Sportsbook NFL Divisional Angles at Sports Gambling

Sportsbook success with pro football is often a process of knowing which angles are most important for gambling at an online sportsbook.

Sportsbook handicappers often make pro football wagering at an online sportsbook far more complicated than it needs to be as there are some basic angles that are quick and reliable.  How a team performs in its division is always a great sportsbook gambling clue towards success.

Take last year’s NFC champion Arizona Cardinals as an example.  Arizona has been a strong divisional opponent and value for online sportsbook handicappers in recent seasons, which was a portent of things to come.

Arizona has beaten the sportsbook in 6 out of their last 7 games against spread in NFC west divisional games and is 10-4-1 ATS long term in divisional play.  Compare that to their divisional rival San Francisco 49ers who have beaten the sportsbook in just 5 out of their last 13 NFC west head-to-head matchups.

The New York Giants have had a great deal of sportsbook success the past couple of seasons due in large part to their ability to win games in the NFC east.  The Giants have beaten the spread in 13 out of their last 20 divisional matchups.  Compare the Giants sportsbook success to that of their divisional rival Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas has blown the bankrolls up of sportsbook gamblers in NFC east action with just 6 payoffs in their last 20 divisional games.

If ever there was an indicator of just how over-valued and erratic the Cowboys are and how dangerous it is to bet with them, their sportsbook performance in NFC east action would be it!

In the AFC east the long time dominant power has been the New England Patriots and that would not have been possible had the Pats not taken care of business against their division rivals.  New England has gotten the cash in 12 out of their last 18 games against AFC east opponents.

Compare that to the Indianapolis Colts, who have not been the same since winning the 2006 season Super Bowl.  The Colts have covered just 6 out of their last 20 divisional games.

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