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Offshore Sportsbooks Economics

Offshore sportsbooks are an often overlooked driver of economic growth in many developing economies. Or when the sporsbooks are recognized they are often disparaged.

But the fact of the matter is that offshore sportsbooks provided many economic contributions to numerous developing economies world wide. Offshore sportsbooks are a relatively new creation and have not been in existence all that long. For the most part many aside from sports fans aren’t even familiar with sportsbooks and the service they provide.

Prominent among this ignorant class are economists and other social scientists.  But those among this class that are familiar with what offshore sportsbooks do for local communities are certainly aware of the benefits that they provide. For example, one the signature attributes of offshore sporsbooks in most cases is the amount of jobs they create.

Job creation can often be a double-edged sword based on working conditions and wages.  In some developing countries locals have been trapped in depressed wages cycles and exposed to great work place hazards by offshore employers.  That is not the case with offshore sportsbooks.

In fact, quite the opposite is true in the case of offshore sportsbooks. Offshore sporsbooks often provide the best salaries around in many instances.  Generally known to pay well placement within offshore sportsbooks are generally highly desirable jobs in many host economies.

Part of that of course also has to do with the working conditions provided at offshore sportsbooks.  For the most part employees work at air conditioned call centers, indoors with no physical labor required.

For some this is far from a dream job, but when compared to the other employment opportunities in many host economies, the work provided by offshore sporsbooks is quite attractive. But beyond the economic benefit provided to workers of offshore sportsbooks, these entities also provide an impetus to learn English, the universal language of sportsbooks.

Some outsiders and anthropologist may argue the merit of this development, with good reason, but in terms of earning potential and employment doors opening, the learning of English is a valuable asset and the offshore sportsbook industry often encourages its acquisition.

And then there is also the issue of tax revenues and infrastructure that offshore sporsbooks provide in many host countries.  This often overlooked by the various critics of the offshore sportsbook industry.

With FDI-based ventures there is always the risk of transferring the investment elsewhere, but compared to most FDI-driven enterprises, a major benefit of the offshore sportsbook industry is that is non-polluting and also environmentally safe.