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Offshore Sportsbook Hockey Opportunities at Sports Gambling

Offshore sportsbook action is usually associated with pro or college football but an internet sportsbook will also offer less popular sports such as hockey.

Offshore sportsbook hockey action consists of sides, totals, futures, and propositions, which are referred to as “props”.  If you see odds on a hockey game posted at an internet sportsbook, for example, of “Philadelphia -165” and “Carolina +145” this means that you have the offshore sportsbook option of betting $165 on Philadelphia to win $100 or you can bet $100 on Carolina to make a profit of $145.

On that same offshore sportsbook matchup you would have an over/under option of 5.5 which means you could wager at the offshore sportsbook if the game would go over or under 5.5 combined goals between the two teams.

Offshore sportsbook hockey options also include “futures” wagering in which you could make an internet sportsbook bet on which team will win the Stanley Cup or if they will win their conference, etc.

Hockey “props” at an offshore sportsbook consist of such things as individual players total points on the season, post season awards, and other interesting offshore sportsbook offers.  Offshore sportsbook players that wager on pro hockey, like the fact that there is action almost every day from October through early June.

The NHL playoffs at an offshore sportsbook are particularly exciting and something that even the most casual of hockey fans cannot resist once they begin.  Offshore sportsbook action on the playoffs also includes series odds in which you can bet on a team to beat its opponent within their best of seven series matchup.

Hockey wagering at an offshore sportsbook also offers the best and fairest odds that you can find anywhere and far better than in Las Vegas.  Just remember to look for value and manage your bankroll!

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