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Williams Dominate Women's Tennis Sports Betting

Sports betting fans of women's tennis have been wowed by the Williams family for nearly a decade now.

And after some very high highs and some very low lows, these sisters remain at the pinnacle of the sport. After a fantastic 2008 in which the Williams abused their opponents in the sports betting lines and odds, there remains little doubt they are still the best when it comes to sports betting on women’s tennis. Sports betting odds fans has not seen this level of talent since the great Steffi Graff retired.

But just as the Williams are very different types of tennis players, they are also very different types of champions, which perhaps enhances their appeal as sports betting targets. For the viewing public and the sports betting fans, the Williams sisters are all too real. They are not like past champions in the women’s sports betting odds.

If anything, they are perhaps the Chris Everett of their generation: tremendous players and champions, superstars off the court and riddled with flaws that are aired quite publicly for fans to see. But even that comparison fails to capture the Williams and what they mean to the tennis sports betting.

For the past ten years these women have been by far the best at what they do, but they have been as inconsistent as any player in sports betting. They can dominate a Grand Slam event one week with an all-Williams final in the sports betting odds and then be ousted the next week by an un-ranked junior. And there is the off-court turmoil and tragedy that has beset the sisters.

But when it comes to sports betting and the Williams, without the lows the many highs could not exist. If they won every week, and failed to make the tabloids in their personal life they wouldn’t be nearly as interesting as they are to so many fans. This aspect of their lives makes them human and in many ways more appealing to the sports betting fans.

And at the end of the day sports betting is about performance and results, and no player in their generation can come close to matching the results of the sisters, especially Serena who is the world’s number one ranked women’s player.

With the retirement of Justine Henin from the sports betting odds, she is the best female player on the planet and will likely continue to dominate tennis sports betting for years to come.

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