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Sports Betting Sadly not in Favor of WNBA

Sports betting fans love to bet on basketball. They love the NBA, college basketball, the Olympic Games, nearly every type of sports betting odds for the game that you can think of.

Except for the WNBA which, sadly and unfairly, barely exists on most sports betting fans radar. Sports betting is leisure activity for most people and therefore they have the luxury of choosing what sports betting odds they want to play and which sport they would like to make the object of their eye.

In many cases the choice of people around the world is basketball. With the NBA bursting into new global markets and new generation of players springing up, the health of sports betting on basketball has perhaps never been better. But for various reasons –fair or unfair- this new taste for basketball has not spilled over into the WNBA sports betting.

There is no denying the subtle and not so subtle nuances between the sports betting leagues like the NBA and the WNBA. Though we would like to say the two leagues are equal, it would not only be incorrect but unfair to both the men and women that play in these leagues. The differences are striking.

The biggest difference of course is the athleticism of the NBA far-overshadows that of the WNBA sports betting. There are no 360° dunks, tomahawks or baseline moves around a defender for a reverse facial. These moves simply do not exist in the WNBA sports betting.

Perhaps they will someday and then the two leagues will be on equal footing in terms of sports betting. But the WBNA also boasts many fine elements that the NBA lacks such as team passing and stifling defense, and for many sports betting odds purists, this is what the game is all about.

There is now a sea of disillusioned former NBA sports betting fans out there that have tired of the streetball-esque performance that seems to characterize the NBA these days.

They are sick of the one-on-five mentality of the game, the constant traveling and the ridiculous officiating riddled with phantom calls for superstars and two sets of rules for the all-star and non-all-star players.

And for that group of disenfranchised sports betting fan, the WNBA is exactly what you’ve been searching for. And while the highlights might not be quite as high, the sports betting odds low-light are not nearly as low either.

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