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Sports Betting Rules provides the tools you need to learn how to properly wager online. Please read the following sports betting rules.

If not stated below; Las Vegas sports betting rules, wager types, regulations and payoffs apply.

All bets must be made and accepted before the start of the game/event wagered on.  Any bet that is placed or received after the start of an event will be void.

All events must be played on the scheduled date and at the stated site unless otherwise noted.  Those events that are postponed by more than 12 hours or rescheduled will be no action wagers and all money will be credited accordingly. does not recognize suspended games, protests, scoring changes or changes in the original result for betting purposes.

Management reserves the right to limit the maximum amount wagered prior to the acceptance of any bet.  Customers can not open multiple accounts in order to circumvent the limits. If multiple accounts are used all accounts will be terminated and all bets voided.

If money is wrongfully credited to a customer’s account, the customer is responsible for notifying the customer service department at immediately.

For a bet to be valid, a customer must receive a bet number from that the wager has been accepted.  This bet number will appear on your screen when betting online or you will get the confirmation number from the call center when making the wager by phone.  Once wagers are accepted, the bets cannot be canceled or changed by the customer. makes every effort to ensure the information on the website is correct, however, if an error is made in the prices, numbers or anything else published online, we can correct any mistakes and cancel any bets already in action or settle them at the correct number.  Management can also cancel or adjust any wagers that have been accepted but that were influenced by media information.

All rules and information listed here as well as any minimum and maximum payout prices are subject to change without prior written notice.