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Round Robin Bets

Round robin bets are multi-team gambling wagers that are placed on sides or totals. Round robin bets are basically two team parlays on up to 10 teams.

The combination of different sports betting parlays that is derived from your round robin bet is simply every possible combination of games. The number of separate, individual sports betting parlays that will result from your round robin will therefore be determined by the number of plays involved in the sports betting round robin parlay.

For example, imagine a sports betting scenario in which you want to create a round robin parlay using the sports betting lines from four separate games. In this sports betting situation, you could create two-team sports betting parlays, three-team sports betting parlays, or both.

You will determine the sports betting wager amount for each of these parlays, however it must be the same for every one. The sports betting payoff odds for each individual parlay are calculated identically to normal sports betting parlays. To better understand sports betting on round robins it will be useful to consider the following example.

Imagine you are interested in sports betting with a $10 three-team round robin parlay using two-team combinations. The sports betting lines for the three teams you have chosen are: New England -4, Pittsburgh -3, and Dallas -6. In such a situation, you would be creating three separate two-team parlays, as follows:

1. New England -4 and Pittsburgh -3
2. Pittsburgh -3 and Dallas -6
3. New England -4 and Dallas -6

Each one of these two-team sports betting parlays has the normal 2.6/1 payoff odds.
This wager would cost a total of $30 (three $10 two-team parlays). There are a number of different results that could occur from the sports betting lines in this example.

If none or only one of your games wins, then all three sports betting parlays will lose and you will lose $30. If two of the plays win, then one parlays wins (+$26) and two lose (-$20), resulting in a net sports betting profit of six dollars. If all three plays win, then you will win $78 ($26 x 3).

If you choose to make a round robin parlay involving four teams then you could still use two-team combinations. However, in this case, you would have six different two-team parlays and the total cost would be $60 ($10 x 6).

Round robin parlays provide a great option when the board has several sports betting lines in which you feel confidence, because the round robin allows you to create numerous small sports betting parlays involving those sports betting lines.