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Reverse Bets

Reverse bets are essentially two If Win, Tie or Cancel gambling wagers. Reverse bet gambling wagers can be placed on sides or totals.

In other words, a reverse bet with two sports betting plays is arranged into two separate if bets with the teams in both possible orders. In both cases, the second bet in each sports betting if bet will be placed only if the first bet is a win, a push, or is cancelled.

In order to gain a clearer understanding of this bet, it will be useful to consider an example using some sports betting odds. Imagine you would like to bet on the sports betting odds of two separate games – Patriots -7 at -110 and Cowboys -3 at -110. Your reverse bet would look like this:

Patriots -7 (risking $110 to win $100)

If win, tie, or cancel then
Cowboys -3 (risking $110 to win $100)

Cowboys -3 (risking $110 to win $100)

If win, tie, or cancel then
Patriots -7 (risking $110 to win $100)

As you can see, two distinct if bets have been created using the sports betting odds of the two plays.

Now, it will be helpful to consider the different possible outcomes that could result from this sports betting example using the sports betting odds listed above. They are as follows:

both teams win: +$400
one team wins, one ties: +$200
one teams wins, one team loses: -$120
one team loses, one team ties: -$220
both teams lose: -$220

The majority of sports betting action involving reverse bets is done with only two teams, which gives the sports betting enthusiast two separate if bets, as was shown in the above sports betting example. Nevertheless, it is possible to enjoy sports betting with reverse bets involving more than two teams.

In such cases, two team if bets are created in every possible combination. For instance, a three team reverse would have six possible combinations, a four team reverse would have 12 possible combinations, a five team reverse would have 20 possible combinations, a six team reverse would have 30 possible combinations, etc.

Although these sports betting wagers can be very enjoyable, most sports betting enthusiasts play only two team reverses in order to prevent the wagers from becoming too complex.