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Prop Bets

A prop bet is a type of gambling wager not dependent on a side or a total. Props bets are exotic gambling wagers on specific situations during special events or sports games.

Proposition bets are made tailored to the bettor’s liking.  For example, a bettor can bet on how many runs a specific baseball player scores, how many completions a quarterback will make, or how many times a basketball player steals the ball.  Sports book proposition bets don’t even have to be for one specific game.

Here are some examples:
- Team to score 1st in the game
- Will there be a score in the 1st 7min 30sec of the game
- Team to have the longest field goal in the game
- Will the team leading after the 1st quarter win the game

A prop bet, as some NFL proposition bets are, can be season long, such as the total number of rushing yards for a team for the season.  Proposition bets are not available all the time, but one sport in which they are particularly popular is football.

Many NFL bettors do not place proposition bets throughout the entire NFL season, but then place a variety of NFL proposition bets on the Super Bowl.  Many proposition bets focus on small details of the game, such as the number of yards certain players will account for or the team which will score first.

All proposition bets are unique, but once you have handicapped sports book proposition bets for one Super Bowl, you will likely find that many of the same proposition bets are offered in subsequent years.

Proposition bets are fairly popular because placing an exotic wager gives bettors an opportunity to wager on something besides the normal spread, winner, or total.  Also, wagering on proposition bets is somewhat similar to playing fantasy football, which is a popular hobby among many bettors.

Not only are proposition bets entertaining, but they can sometimes offer worthwhile value as well.  They key to placing proposition bets successfully is to focus only on the topic relevant to the exotic wager.

For example, if you are wagering on the number of errors a certain catcher will make, then you should not focus on which team will win the game or by how many points they will win.

To handicap this exotic wager you would want to focus on specific details about the catcher or the pitcher: injuries, personal issues, anything that may throw off the catcher’s attention or cause the pitcher to pitch poorly.  There is no guarantee, however that a prop bet like this would appear at your sportsbook.

By focusing one’s attention specifically on the issues relevant to proposition bets one will often find odds that initially seemed complicated gradually become clearer.

Each sports book will probably release dozens of proposition bets, so you certainly will not want to wager on each one, but there is a good chance that several of the proposition bets will provide worthwhile value.

We bet you’ll find exciting opportunities to place prop bets on your favourite sporting events by opening an account with today.