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Internet Sports Betting NFL Season

Internet sports betting fans love football, is the most dominant sport in the land and this year sports betting fans were treated to an amazing season.

Internet sports betting has been popular in the mainstream for a decade now and the past Super Bowl had to be best in this era of sports betting, hand down. There are many reasons that made the past Super Bowl as awesome as it was and if you examine form just about every angle you couldn’t have come up with a better grand finale to a terrific Internet sports betting season if you tried.

To begin with, the Super Bowl carried great historic implications and Internet sport betting fans couldn’t get enough. Among the two teams, one wasn’t even supposed to be there as carried the longest road winning streak into the sports betting Super Bowl and the other was vying for Internet sports betting perfection.

A better scenario could not have been written but even more enjoyable for the Internet sports betting universe was the fact that the game lived up to the hype. The New England Pats came in all but assured of a win.

The sports betting odds were originally set at 13 ½ points and narrowed slightly to 12 points as Internet sports betting fans every scurried to get a piece of the action. The huge Internet sports betting spread was enough to get most sports betting fans to grab a piece of the action in favor of the New York Giants.

But not many expected the Giants to win, only to cover the Internet sports betting spread. They were pleasantly surprised then when the Giants pulled out the big win in the closing minutes of the game to assure not only a covering of the Internet sports betting odds but also take the win outright.

And in the process they robbed the Pats of what would have been Internet sports betting perfection. Eli Manning became the unlikely hero and the Giants became the unlikely champion of Internet sports betting’s biggest sport.

The two teams seemed to trade places as the Pats sunk to cellar of failure of which the Giants had been accustomed to in the past few years while the Giants rose to pinnacle of sports betting, a place that the Pats have known all too well.