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Halftime Betting

Halftime bets are gambling wagers placed during the halftime intermission. Halftime bets are popular gambling additions with many straight bets.

Halftime betting differs from betting the spread or moneyline in that placing a bet on the second half of the game allows the gambler to make a more informed decision based on their view of the first half.

It takes a bookmaker only a couple of minutes to make the NFL halftime betting or NBA halftime betting line, but it may take a bettor even longer to find these halftime betting odds, shop around, and make their bet.

Halftime betting on NFL seems to get most of the attention from bettors, seeing as how football is the most popular sport in the United States to bet on.

However, NFL halftime betting is slightly more difficult than other sports, seeing as how the halftime as per the NFL rulebook allows a bettor 12 minutes to find suitable halftime betting lines as opposed to the 15 minutes allowed in other sports.

This may not seem like much of a difference, but to those participating in NBA halftime betting, it’s a heck of an advantage over those looking for halftime betting on NFL.  Not all halftime odds are indicative of the teams and how well they play.

In an NFL halftime betting situation, for example, there is a new factor to take into account when looking at the halftime betting that is normally not present in betting on the spread or the moneyline: fluke plays.  An NFL halftime betting fluke can be something like a bad snap or a fumble returned for a touchdown.

These plays aren’t as common or as important in the NBA halftime betting, seeing as how the NBA is much more fast paced and points are scored two or three times a minute.  Each sport’s halftime strategy differs from the next.  In football, the halftime betting lines may be heavily influenced by a team’s early lead.

For example, if a team has a lead in the first half of 3 touchdowns or more, the halftime betting odds will reflect this.  The team will be more likely to let the clock run out in the second half, possibly scoring once more.  This is most often present in NCAA football where some teams may shut the opponent out by as many as 70 points.

However, teams have no interest in covering any spreads in the halftime betting; just winning.  In basketball, an early lead is less relevant to NBA halftime betting enthusiasts as it may to NFL halftime betting fans, seeing as how the gap can easily be closed in the second half.

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