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How Is the MLS Growing?

The MLS has been working hard to expand itself to become a larger sports league. There are currently twenty teams in the highest level of competition in the United States and Canada and there are currently three teams that will be coming into play very soon. These teams will make the MLS more interesting and potentially bring in more sports betting money.

Who’s Coming?

There are currently three teams that are confirmed to be coming into the MLS in the future. The Atlanta United FC will begin play in 2017 and the Minneapolis-based Minnesota United FC will be coming in either 2017 or 2018. The Los Angeles FC club will also start playing in 2018.

What About Miami?

David Beckham and Simon Fuller are among the investors who are looking to bring in a new MLS team to Miami. The team is trying to get set up to play in 2017 or 2018. The PortMiami region, a prominent recreational area home to the American Airlines Arena, is hoping to be the spot where the MLS team will specifically play in.

Is Promotion and Relegation a Possibility?

Of course, one concern about the growth of the MLS comes from the fact that the American and Canadian soccer pyramid does not use a promotion or relegation campaign. Therefore, teams in the NASL in cities like Tampa Bay, San Antonio, Raleigh, Indianapolis and Edmonton are unable to make it into the MLS regardless of how well they do in the NASL.

This has been criticized as a sign that money and sponsorship are more important to teams in the region than outright talent. It also makes some MLS and NASL games between weak teams meaningless if they don’t entail teams potentially trying to keep from being demoted.

The growth of the MLS is clearly a sign of how the league has been evolving and is looking to become one of the most respected sporting leagues in the world while also offering more betting opportunities with more teams. Still, the concern over the lack of a promotion and relegation system could become a concern.