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Sports Gambling - Fixes and Corruption Probe Clouds World Cup

Sports gambling fans continue to prepare for the FIFA World Cup as it will be one of the biggest online sports gambling events of the entire year.

Sports gambling news is not all positive, however, as there are match fixing probes taking place that have put a cloud over international soccer and online sports gambling.

World Cup betting allegations are ripe with alleged match fixing that has involved payoffs and referees in what is being called the biggest soccer corruption case of all time. The German led investigation concerns club officials and teams in at least 12 European countries, with four of those nations competing in the FIFA World Cup.

The president of Europe’s soccer authority, (UEFA), Michel Platini, said that the sport is in “mortal danger” because of the corruption and fixing. The latest charge is that Russia worked with Spain to bribe FIFA World Cup referees in order to gain the inside track to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals.

The story includes the resignation of David Triesman, who was the chairman of the English soccer federation after private conversations that he took part in were released in a news sting.

FIFA is making every effort to detect fixing and corruption in order to ensure that the sports gambling will be fair and honest. FIFA has set up what is known as Early Warning System which will monitor wagering on the games and unusual gambling patterns that suddenly pick up out of nowhere.

It is similar to what is done in the United States with the various professional and college leagues as they monitor gambling lines for unusual activity.

FIFA believes that it is harder to fix the World Cup odds as most of the corruption is with eastern European teams where organized crime has a heavy influence. FIFA president Sepp Blatter said that it would be far more difficult to fix a World Cup match.

A sports gambling fix scandal marred preparations for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany as referee Robert Hoyzer was sent to jail with members of the Croatian crime syndicate arrested as well.

It was also determined that referees that made favorable calls were given the best assignments.

UEFA and FIFA are working to ensure that a World Cup football bet is safe and clean as they are working with gambling operators to monitor betting patterns.