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Odds NFL Playmakers and Money Makers

Odds NFL success and profit comes from making your own football gambling luck. You will find that the more explosive teams give you the better luck.

Odds NFL winning and losing is really no different on the football gambling board as it is on the field.  Those who make plays win and those who don’t are losers.  A great lesson on how to beat the odds NFL line comes from last year and the New Orleans Saints, who were one of the most exciting and explosive football gambling commodities and, not coincidentally, one of the most profitable.

Last year New Orleans lost only 5 games against the odds NFL line while ranking number one in the entire NFL with a 7.67 yards per pass attempt average.  This stat is a key indicator of who has the capability for exploding and those who are nothing but plodders.

On the direct opposite end of the spectrum from New Orleans were the Cincinnati Bengals, who averaged only 4.27 yards per pass attempt while going just 7-9 against the odds NFL.  Just behind Cincinnati as the second worst team for yards per pass attempt were the Cleveland Browns at 4.65 yards per try.

Cleveland was also near the Bengals for lack of success against the odds NFL with a mark of 6-9-1 against the spread.  The Atlanta Falcons came out of nowhere as the surprise team in 2008 against the odds NFL line.

One of the reasons Atlanta ended up in the playoffs and with a 9-7 mark against the odds NFL was that they ranked 3rd in the NFL with a 7.40 yards per pass attempt average.

Looking back at the bottom of the chart the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, and Detroit Lions were ahead of only Cincinnati and Cleveland for yards per pass attempt averages and none of them had a profit against the odds NFL board last year.

Teams that cannot break the big play are not teams that can cover the number or come back through the back door when needed.  They make for “bad beats” while teams at the top of the yards per pass attempt chart can make you lucky more often than not!

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