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NFL Football Gambling Money Line at Sports Gambling

In addition to football gambling pointspreads, bettors have the opportunity to do football gambling money lines.

The reason football gambling players like the money line in the NFL is that it is reasonably priced and it is widely available.  The use of the money line in NFL gambling makes it possible to win games straight up without having to worry about the football gambling pointspread.

The money line is basically just choosing which team you believe will win a game, regardless of the football gambling pointspread.  The money line for football gambling is very similar to how you would bet baseball or hockey money lines. For example, let's take a look at a game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

The regular pointspread might have Dallas a six point favorite but the money line would have Dallas at -280 and Philadelphia at +240. A football gambling player that wanted to bet Dallas would have to bet $280 to win $100. All Dallas would have to do is win the game for the football gambling players to win money.

Should Dallas win, the NFL gambling player would get his $280 back plus the $100 he won. Let’s look at the odds on the money line from the opposite end.  In that previous example, if a football gambling player wanted to bet Philadelphia he would bet $100 to win $240 since the Eagles would be the underdog in the game.

If Philly won the game straight up, the gambler would get back his $100 plus the $240 he won for the football gambling wager. The money line is an interesting way to bet NFL teams.  Many people ignore it but you might want to take a closer look at it on football betting odds.

The appeal of the money line is obvious because you are no longer worried about the backdoor cover in football gambling.  You don’t have to worry about the meaningless TD’s late in the game. The money line is really a way for players to keep things simple. Consider the money line as you look at odds this season.

The money line option in football gambling can give you more opportunities to make money and that is always the goal as you look at spreads.