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The NFC East Is Still Close

The NFC East is still in a close race in the 2015 NFL season. While the overall records of the four teams in that division are not all that great, there are still some close odds to check out in the final month of the season. These include odds suggesting that the Washington Redskins are the favorites to win in the division but at the same time the competition is going to be rather difficult and challenging.

Who’s Favored?

The 5-6 Washington Redskins have a +120 line to win the NFC East. Much was made about the controversy surrounding the Redskins’ quarterback issues. However, the Skins have a 5-1 record at FedEx Field and the team has a total of twenty sacks. Jordan Reed is having a breakout year with six receiving touchdowns while Dustin Hopkins is having a strong run this year as he is 18-20 on field goals, making all shots 49 yards or less.

The New York Giants are also near the top with a +160 line. The 5-6 Giants are the only team in the division that has scored more points than it has given up. Eli Manning already has 3,000 passing yards this season. Odell Beckham Jr. has continued upon the momentum that he had during his rookie season as he leads the Giants with more than 1,000 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

What About the Eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles are 4-7 but they have a +500 betting line to win the NFC East. While DeMarco Murray has 545 rushing yards, his performance is a far cry from what he did back in his last year in Dallas. The quarterback issue is also debatable as Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez have combined for 15 touchdowns versus 14 interceptions. The Eagles also have plenty of difficult opponents to bear with as the season goes along including games with New England and Arizona, thus making the team’s chances of reaching the playoffs rather slim.

The Last Place

The Dallas Cowboys have +1200 sport gambling odds to win the NFC West, thus making them the worst team in terms of odds. The Cowboys are 3-8 and the season-ending injury to quarterback Tony Romo has only made things worse.

Matt Cassel is expected to keep playing as the quarterback for the Cowboys although he has struggled to keep on his feet and has as many interceptions as touchdowns. Darren McFadden only has 634 rushing yards this year as well, thus making him one of the weaker running back options in the league as the team is struggling to get much out of this side of the ball.

Overall, the Washington Redskins are clearly the favorites to win the NFC East title. The division could be seen as this year’s equivalent of the NFC South in that all the teams have bad records. Of course, the winner of last year’s NFC South, the Carolina Panthers, did have a playoff win last year so there is always hope out there for whoever comes out from the NFC South to win big this coming year.