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Some Transfers Will Be Big For the 2015-16 NCAA Basketball Season

There are a few appealing transfers that will make a difference in the coming NCAA basketball season. These include transfers that are potentially going to make an impact on betting lines.

Seth Allen – Virginia Tech

Seth Allen had 13.4 points per game for Maryland a few years ago and has built himself up quite well during his transfer period. The Virginia Tech Hokies have +50000 college basketball odds to win the NCAA title this year but the team still has a strong potential to win more this year than last.

Robert Carter – Maryland

Maryland is getting a big transfer in Robert Carter, a former star at Georgia Tech. He recently had 11.4 points per game and 8.4 rebounds per game while with the Yellow Jackets. The Maryland Terrapins will be a strong team this year as they have +1000 odds to win the title and are big favorites in the Big Ten.

Terry Henderson – North Carolina State

West Virginia lost Terry Henderson to North Carolina State this coming season after getting 11.7 points per game in his last season. Henderson is known for his strong three-point shooting ability. His arrival helps the Wolfpack to get +7500 odds to win as they are hoping to become a big upset team in the ACC.

Eron Harris – Michigan State

Eron Harris is another former West Virginia star who is transferring. Another popular three-point shooter, he will be joining Michigan State to give the Spartans a big chance to win the national title. The Spartans have +2000 odds to win and are the best shot to take on Maryland in the Big Ten.

Ryan Anderson – Arizona

The Arizona Wildcats will be getting Ryan Anderson this year from Boston College. Anderson had 14.3 points per game in his last season with the Wildcats. The Wildcats have +2800 odds to win the national title and could be a real competitor to win in the Pac-12.

These five players all took the last year off in accordance with NCAA transfer rules. Still, they are all players that should certainly be interesting for all fans to watch for.