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Soccer betting with live odds and World Cup props. offers up to 265% in bonuses for soccer betting.

Soccer betting is very popular in Europe and other countries around the world. It also has a following in the United States. Soccer betting should be done similar to other forms of sports betting. You should have a set bankroll just as you do for other sports. That bankroll should be separate from other things in your life and separate from other gambling sports.


You have to remember that a lot of the basics apply to soccer betting just as they do with football betting. There are no guarantees and the soccer bet lines are set by oddsmakers that know the game. These oddsmakers are experts at what they do and the soccer betting lines are made a certain way for a reason.

Don’t underestimate the soccer betting line just because you don’t understand it. The line is based on a money line similar to what you would see in baseball or hockey. You have the option of betting the favorite, the underdog and the total. Sometimes you also have a three-way line that includes betting the draw.

As you look at soccer betting handicapping it is wise to look at recent performance. Just as you would when betting other sports, recent performance is a good barometer of how a team is doing. It is a good idea to look at the last three or four matches. It is also smart to start conservatively in the beginning of the season until the teams develop their identity.

The same thing applies in other sports like football or basketball where the early season is full of unpredictability and full of upsets and surprises. A gambler making a soccer bet should constantly analyze his bets and learn from them just as he would with any other sport. A sports gambler should shop around for the best lines when betting soccer, just as he would in football or basketball.

It is also important to look for value in soccer betting just as it is in other sports. You should be taking soccer betting seriously because winning a soccer bet is just the same as winning a football bet. Soccer betting can be new and exciting, but you still need to remember the basics of sports betting and put them into practice.

Soccer or Security!

Soccer Betting Odds

Soccer betting odds are quite easy to understand as they are based on the money line.

Soccer Betting Terms

A sport that is huge around the world but has little interest in the United State is soccer.

Soccer Betting Online at Sports Gambling

Soccer betting online at sportsbooks is quite easy to understand as it is based on the money line, which is the most basic sports gambling option.

Betting sides is the most popular form of soccer wagering. That is where you pick a team on the money line to win the game.

Cups are Popular in Soccer Betting

Soccer betting is popular around the world with action throughout the year on various leagues and on Cups.

MLS Cup Betting at Sports Gambling

MLS Cup betting is the pinnacle of soccer betting in the MLS and every soccer gambling fan obviously wants to place a soccer bet on the annual event.


Venezuela 2007: Copa America and Soccer Betting Lines at Sports Gambling

Soccer Betting Lines on 2007 Copa America Venezuela at Sports Gambling. We offer exclusive Soccer Betting Lines, Soccer Betting Odds and Point Spreads.

The Copa América (Spanish for “America Cup”) is a major Soccer Betting tournament that is organized by CONMEBOL and it mainly includes South American teams.


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