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Soccer betting with live odds and World Cup props. offers up to 265% in bonuses for soccer betting.

Soccer betting is very popular in Europe and other countries around the world. It also has a following in the United States. Soccer betting should be done similar to other forms of sports betting. You should have a set bankroll just as you do for other sports. That bankroll should be separate from other things in your life and separate from other gambling sports.


You have to remember that a lot of the basics apply to soccer betting just as they do with football betting. There are no guarantees and the soccer bet lines are set by oddsmakers that know the game. These oddsmakers are experts at what they do and the soccer betting lines are made a certain way for a reason.

Don’t underestimate the soccer betting line just because you don’t understand it. The line is based on a money line similar to what you would see in baseball or hockey. You have the option of betting the favorite, the underdog and the total. Sometimes you also have a three-way line that includes betting the draw.

As you look at soccer betting handicapping it is wise to look at recent performance. Just as you would when betting other sports, recent performance is a good barometer of how a team is doing. It is a good idea to look at the last three or four matches. It is also smart to start conservatively in the beginning of the season until the teams develop their identity.

The same thing applies in other sports like football or basketball where the early season is full of unpredictability and full of upsets and surprises. A gambler making a soccer bet should constantly analyze his bets and learn from them just as he would with any other sport. A sports gambler should shop around for the best lines when betting soccer, just as he would in football or basketball.

It is also important to look for value in soccer betting just as it is in other sports. You should be taking soccer betting seriously because winning a soccer bet is just the same as winning a football bet. Soccer betting can be new and exciting, but you still need to remember the basics of sports betting and put them into practice.

Is soccer finally popular in the United States?

Soccer gambling used to be more popular in the U.S.A than soccer itself, because money. But according to Irish Times writer Ken Early, the version of football in which balls connect with feet more often than with hands is finally catching on in the country where baseball is the national pastime. Early posits that soccer has reached critical mass in America thanks to a thriving Major League Soccer (MLS), the internet, and video games. The first argument is debatable though.

Who Has the Best Shot At the 2015 MLS Cup?

The 2015 MLS season has been going on strong but not all teams are fortunate enough to be out in the running for the MLS Cup. Only a few teams are still in the running to possibly win the MLS Cup this year.

It is no surprise that the two best gambling odds for winning would belong to the two teams that are in the lead in their divisions. The LA Galaxy hold a 12-7-7 record and have 44 goals, the most in the entire league. The team has a +450 line to win the 2015 MLS Cup.

How Is the MLS Growing?

The MLS has been working hard to expand itself to become a larger sports league. There are currently twenty teams in the highest level of competition in the United States and Canada and there are currently three teams that will be coming into play very soon. These teams will make the MLS more interesting and potentially bring in more sports betting money.

Bundesliga Has Two Season-Long Favorites Bets

The 2015-16 Bundesliga season is beginning but it’s interesting to see how there are two particularly unique bets for the season. The first is the traditional season-long bet to determine who will win the championship. The second is a similar one that doesn’t include Bayern Munich.

Who Could Be Relegated In the 2015-16 Premier League?

There are always going to be three teams that will be relegated at the end of the English Premier League season. The 2015-16 season has three teams coming in as Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich City will be playing. Bournemouth has never played in this level of competition before but the other two teams have.

Will Anyone Top the US In the Gold Cup?

The United States are the favorites to win the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup, an event that will take place from July 7-26. The event will be held around the United States with a few matches also in Toronto.

The United States is listed as the 3-2 favorite to win the Gold Cup. This comes amid some strong momentum in recent friendly matches with Germany and the Netherlands although there are a few teams that will be competing quite well with the Americans this year.

Professional Soccer Is Halted In Spain

The national soccer federation of Spain made a controversial decision halt all professional games in the country. This was designed with the purpose of protesting a new laws designed to control the sale of the television rights to games.

Quirks of the New York City Football Club

The New York City Football Club is the newest team to compete in Major League Soccer, the top league for soccer in the United States and Canada. It also joins the New York Red Bulls as the second soccer team in the area to play in MLS. There are many interesting things to take a look at with regards to this team.

Is Brazilian Team Favored'

Las Vegas Excited for World Cup 2014


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