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Will Doping Be a Threat For the Tour de France?

The concept of doping has been prevalent around the Tour de France for a long time. However, it has only been until recently that people have started to notice that doping is prevalent and commonplace in the spot.

The concern about drug use in the Tour de France became evident in 1967 amid the concerns that Tom Simpson had used a number of performance-enhancing drugs prior to his death in the middle of the race that year. However, nearly half of the winners since 1961 have been shown to have used various drugs in the past as a means of getting a competitive advantage.

This dates back to Jacques Anquetil, the winner in 1957 and from 1961 to 1964. He has admitted to doping but he has even stated that everyone uses drugs in the sport and that he should not be punished. Five-time winner Eddy Merckx has also tested positive in the past and has even been expelled from some competitions. Still, he has never tested positive in the Tour de France.

Some winners, particularly Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond, have never tested positive for anything. However, the revelations of seven-time winner Lance Armstrong have made it to where more people are taking a look at drugs.

In particular, Armstong had been banned from competitions for life and has been stripped of all his titles. This came amid the use of many drugs and his association with different organizations that provide cyclists with such drugs. Floyd Landis, his teammate, had also been banned for two years after using such substances and was disqualified as the winner of the 2006 event.

The biggest concern about the cycling world right now is that it may be a challenge to stop the threat of doping. The ongoing actions of so many cyclists in the sport have made it to where they are practically willing to compete with each other to see who can get the most out of the Tour de France and many other big-name competitions.