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The 2015 Tour de France Contains a Unique Schedule

The 2015 Tour de France will take place from July 4-26 and will feature a schedule that highlights a number of interesting steps. In particular, it will actually start in the Netherlands and get into Belgium for a brief period of time.

The event will start with a brief time trial in Utrecht and then travel on in the next day to Zeeland. The event will move over to Antwerp in Belgium. The event will finally get into Paris in the fourth day.

The fourth day will also entail the longest stage in the tour. The stage in 223 km long and is a flat stage that includes cobblestones.

The second time trial will take place on July 12. This is 28 km long and will go from Vannes to Plumlec.

The first nine days will entail flat and hilly stages while a rest day will take place on July 13. After this, the mountain stages will go for three days with some days going for more than 180 km. The mountains will not be as strong for a few days after that but the competition is still expected to be tight.

There will be a rest day on July 21 as well. This is needed as the racers will head on four straight days of mountain stages at this point as they go around the southeastern part of France, specifically the Rhone-Alpes region.

The last day of the event will be on July 26 as riders go on a flat stage from Sevres all the way to Paris. This last day is only 110 km long and is short in comparison with much of the rest of the tour.

The overall challenge of the 2015 Tour de France comes from the track having a rugged look and plenty of mountain stages. This should prove to be appealing to all cycling fans as it brings people around France and even a few spots immediately outside the country.