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Bicycle racing is best known for the Tour de France but there are other great opportunities for cycling betting beyond “The Tour”. Bicycle racing also includes feature tours such as the Giro d’Italia and cycling betting action for the Vuelta a Espana.

But before the Super Bowl of bicycle racing there is the Giro d'Italia from Italy. The Tour de France follows a month later.

This cycling betting event starts on the Lido of Venice and finishes amongst the historic sites of Rome, itself! The Giro d'Italia is a 21-stage bicycle racing event that spans 3395.5 kilometers with six mountain top finishes.

The Tour de France will follow. This bicycle racing classic is known for the majestic and mighty mountains that the competitors must overcome.

The Vuelta a Espana GT will wrap up the trio of bicycle racing classic must-see events.

This cycling betting event will actually start outside of Spain in Assen in the Netherlands before ending in the famed Paseo del Prado in Madrid for a total distance of 3279 kilometers. There will be five mountaintop finishes in the three week race. This stop on the tour will feature the most balanced route of the three races mentioned here.

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Pros improve cycling betting odds with motors

Professional cyclists rode with hidden motors in their bikes – certainly improving their cycling betting odds – during a recent race, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera and French television station Stade 2. A joint exposé claims to have unveiled evidence of seven cyclists ‘moto-doping’ at two races in Italy last month.

The 2015 Tour de France Contains a Unique Schedule

The 2015 Tour de France will take place from July 4-26 and will feature a schedule that highlights a number of interesting steps. In particular, it will actually start in the Netherlands and get into Belgium for a brief period of time.

The event will start with a brief time trial in Utrecht and then travel on in the next day to Zeeland. The event will move over to Antwerp in Belgium. The event will finally get into Paris in the fourth day.

The fourth day will also entail the longest stage in the tour. The stage in 223 km long and is a flat stage that includes cobblestones.

Will Doping Be a Threat For the Tour de France?

The concept of doping has been prevalent around the Tour de France for a long time. However, it has only been until recently that people have started to notice that doping is prevalent and commonplace in the spot.

The concern about drug use in the Tour de France became evident in 1967 amid the concerns that Tom Simpson had used a number of performance-enhancing drugs prior to his death in the middle of the race that year. However, nearly half of the winners since 1961 have been shown to have used various drugs in the past as a means of getting a competitive advantage.

Cycling Betting on 2009 Tour de France

Cycling betting features the ultimate event of the year as gamblers can make a cycling bet on the Tour de France, which is the Super Bowl of cycling.

2007 Tour De France Betting at Sports Gambling

Check the Tour de France schedule, the latest Tour de France winners and start betting with exclusive betting lines and odds available 24/7.
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