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NASCAR Betting Options - Craftsman Series at Sports Gambling

NASCAR betting continues to gain more popularity every year.

Let’s take a look at the options available for NASCAR betting on the Craftsman Series.  NASCAR betting on the truck series has two main options, betting on a driver to win the race, or betting a driver vs. driver matchup. You will see odds on each driver to win the race and they will usually be anywhere from 7-1 to 150-1 or more.

The NASCAR betting odds are based upon the driver’s record, place in the standings, and how he has done on the track in the past. Those NASCAR betting odds can be adjusted after qualifying and practices. There are usually at least two practice sessions and the qualifying.

The qualifying sets the field in position for the race, and it is this session that will affect the NASCAR betting odds the most.  In addition to NASCAR betting odds to win the race, you also very often will find the option to bet driver matchups. The NASCAR betting matchups pit one driver against another for the race.

Usually there will be anywhere from a few to many matchups for the race. The NASCAR betting matchups very often are bet more heavily than the odds to win the race. Betting on the driver that will win the race is sometimes difficult and it might be better to concentrate on matchups.

The big factor to consider is what you are trying to do in NASCAR betting. If you want to go for a big score then taking a shot at a driver at double-digit odds in NASCAR betting is worth doing.

If you are looking to make money week after week then the NASCAR betting matchups would be more appealing because you can narrow your focus. Finding just one driver to win the race can be difficult, but finding a NASCAR betting matchup or two that offers value may be easier to do.

If you are looking at NASCAR betting on a regular basis then the matchups will definitely be something to look at. NASCAR is definitely entertaining to watch and is something that is also very enjoyable to bet.

Betting on the race winner can be more exciting since it pays off well, but betting the matchups is where the bread and butter of your money will be made on a weekly basis in NASCAR betting.