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Arena Football

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Arena Football betting differs from other leagues such as the NFL or NCAA Football in that Arena Football is played indoors and on a field half the size of those used for NFL or NCAA. The Arena football betting line is also very different from the other types of football, thus it must be handicapped differently.

Because the field is so much smaller and certain other factors like inclement weather are also eliminated, one can expect a much higher scoring Arena Football betting game. An Arena Football betting line for a total is clearly distinct from other football totals lines because the Arena Football odds are set so high.

NFL totals lines are often about 40-45 points and NCAA totals lines are generally a little higher, but a quick glance at the Arena Football odds reveals that the Arena Football betting line totals can often be over 100. Therefore, when Arena betting football sports one must recognize that lots of points can be scored in a very short period of time.

NFL bettors will sometimes wager almost exclusively on the under, thinking that it is impossible for football games to involve such high scores, but Arena Football betting line enthusiasts know that a very high is reasonable.

On the other hand, one should not assume that because Arena Football games typically result in high scores that one should always wager on the over for every Arena Football betting line. Bettors simply must handicap each team’s offense and opposing defense to predict the final score and handicap the Arena Football betting line accordingly.

Moreover, because so many points are scored in Arena Football it is also not uncommon to find an Arena Football betting line reflecting one team as a surprisingly large favorite. However, the nature of the Arena Football game is different, so such an Arena Football betting line is quite rational.

With arena football, there's something special about betting on the game that we generally don't see in the NFL or NCAA. In Arena Football games, the players can play on either side of the ball, offense or defense. This is much different than normal football betting. It adds another aspect you need to consider when placing a bet.

However, a player injury can affect a team very strongly because when an exceptional player is down, the team suffers both offensively and defensively. This also can have severe effects on the Arena Football betting line. This miniature version of the football we all know and love can provide maximum value and top excitement.

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Arena football coming to Western North Carolina

Western North Carolina Arena Football betting fans should be happy. American Indoor Football (AIF), which is a professional indoor football league based out of Baltimore Maryland, has announced its latest team and territory. The new team will be based in the Western North Carolina - Boone area and will be owned by Don Thompson. The team will start AIF league play in the 2017 season.

Could the CAFL Be a Big Thing For Arena Football Betting?

The Arena Football League has made plenty of efforts to stay stable ever since it came back. Today there are twelve teams with plenty of people interested in investing money as can be seen with recent examples in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. However, Arena Football betting is still rather exotic to some as it is not too popular.

Why the Los Angeles Kiss Are Struggling in 2015

Much has been made about the Los Angeles Kiss, the Arena Football League team that was co-founded by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, two members of the famed rock band Kiss. The team finished 3-15 in their first season last year and had been hoping to improve this year to become a respectful team. However, the team has lost its first five games of the 2015 season. The only game that they lost in single digits was a 42-37 loss to the Portland Thunder at the start of the season.

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