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Popular American Idol Betting Odds at Sports Gambling

American Idol betting odds for Season 8 might include a few recognizable names that will catch the attention of many fans.

American Idol betting odds will record info for a rumored cast member of American Idol betting this season: David Osmond, son of Alan Osmond, one of the Osmond Family singers. He is the nephew of Donny and Marie Osmond. He would definitely attract attention on the American Idol betting odds board this season.

American Idol betting odds also could have other celebrities in the cast including Michael Castro, the younger brother of last year’s finalist Jason Castro. A couple of other names of note in American Idol betting odds could be Anna Kaelin who is the daughter of David Archuleta’s vocal coach and Danielle Roundtree, Miss New York 2008.

Other interesting possibilities in American Idol betting for season 8 include Jackie Tohn, an actress from New York and Tom and Jennifer Korbee, the first-ever husband and wife to make it on the show. American Idol betting odds for Season 8 begin with a two night, four hour season premiere on January 13th and 14th.

The following week the show will move into its regular time slot of Tuesday and the results show will be on Wednesday. That schedule will remain the same for the rest of the Season 8 American Idol betting odds. American Idol betting odds usually provide gamblers with a lot of value early in the season.

Unknowns can come out of nowhere to show up on the American Idol betting odds board. Later in the season the American Idol betting odds get sorted out and most of the value is gone. If you want to make money at American Idol betting then you may want to take a chance on your favorite singer early in the season before the American Idol betting odds lose their value.

Early in the season the odds are wide open and oftentimes give you excellent opportunities to make money. American Idol betting odds can be bet all season at Sports-Gambling and you can watch the action each week on FOX television.

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