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Is Expansion In the WNBA Coming?

The WNBA has not been as big of a league for betting purposes as other professional sports leagues. Part of this comes from the negative stigma that people have towards womens' sports outside of tennis and golf. The fact that many athletes could do like Diana Taurasi and play overseas for more money could especially hurt the league.

However, the fact that there are only twelve teams in the WNBA has hurt the league from a basketball betting standpoint. The league has especially struggled to gain a hold in many markets. Teams in Miami, Houston, Cleveland, Charlotte, Sacramento and Portland have all folded while teams in Detroit, Orlando and Salt Lake City have relocated.

The WNBA has stated as recently as the end of the 2014 season that it has thought about expanding. This came amid the recent rise in prominent players coming into the league in recent time plus the increase in television ratings.

However, it is uncertain as to how different markets would respond to the idea of taking in WNBA teams. Considering how many markets with NBA teams have failed to have WNBA teams, there have been considerations of possibly having WNBA teams in cities that don't have NBA teams. These include places like Baltimore, Kansas City, Raleigh, Nashville and San Diego among many other spots.

Interestingly enough, starting a WNBA franchise is not all that costly to do. The expansion fee for getting into the WNBA is only $10 million. Still, any prospective owner must ensure one has enough money to pay players and employees while also finding an arena to play in that is fully open and ready for use during the summer months when the WNBA is playing.

Whether or not the WNBA will expand is unclear. However, it is clear that the league has struggled to gain traction from a sports gambling perspective. Adding more teams and therefore more games and props to bet on could help but even that could be a challenge to some.