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UFC 118 Odds - 41 Year Old Boxer to Make UFC Debut

UFC 118 odds handicappers will have quite a challenge in evaluating heavyweight James Toney, who will be making his UFC betting debut against Randy Couture.

UFC 118 odds will likely favor the seasoned Couture but Toney is known as “The Natural” because he brings ability and desire to the UFC betting board.

Toney, also known as “Lights Out,” is a natural fighter that is as tough as they come.  It is his veteran experience as a “fighter’s fighter” that makes everyone respect him and his chances in his mixed martial arts debut.

Depending on which organization(s) one chooses, Toney has won anywhere from four to ten world championships in boxing and he has fought in multiple divisions including middleweight, super-middleweight, light-heavyweight, cruiserweight, super-cruiserweight, and heavyweight with titles in each of those divisions.

Toney boxed 83 times and only suffered one clear cut defeat, which was against Roy Jones Jr. in 1994.

Toney is known for his brutal sparring sessions and for loving to fight in close quarters and with little finesse.  Punching is expected to be his obvious strength entering UFC action as well as his natural desire and pride as a career fighter.

His punches will pack plenty of power and the key will be for him to land those punches against younger opponents.

One fact of life in UFC gambling that is in Toney’s favor is that there are plenty of fighters in their 30’s and even early 40’s so what he is attempting to do is not all that unusual.

Toney will also enter the world of mixed martial arts known as the greatest boxer to ever make the cross over into this new world.  It is an advantage that nobody else will have on the UFC tour.

Toney may be 41 but feels invigorated with the brand new challenge of mixed martial arts.  While there are plenty of skeptics about his ability to succeed, Toney has gone “all in” with a training camp that will have him as fully prepared as possible for success with the UFC 118 odds.

The last time Toney entered the ring was on September 12, 2009 when he scored a knockout over Matthew Greer.  He is the current IBA World Heavyweight Champion.

Toney stumbled into mixed martial arts after meeting with UFC President Dana White at UFC 108 on January 2 of this year and they quickly came to terms on a contract.