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UFC118 Betting - Toney Faces Huge Challenge

UFC 118 betting handicappers will have a unique angle to evaluate with the UFC 118 odds as heavyweight boxing champion James Toney enters the octagon.

UFC 118 betting excitement continues to build for Toney’s MMA debut in his matchup with Randy Couture that will be a big draw with UFC 118 odds players.

The August 28 matchup is getting as much if not more publicity than the Lightweight Championship bout that headlines the UFC 118 card between Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn.

No big time boxer has ever stepped foot into the UFC octagon as Toney will be the first when he takes on the legendary Couture, who is known in MMA circles as “The Natural.”

In the 47-year old Couture, the 41-year old Toney faces a UFC Hall of Famer that has won titles in two different UFC divisions – light heavyweight and heavyweight.

Couture considers it an honor that borders on duty to uphold the credibility of his sport when taking on Toney and his boxing background.

“I’ve been representing mixed martial arts in a lot of venues for a long time,” said Couture.  “Back when this sport was being banned all over and most people couldn’t understand who we were and what we did.  It’s an honor for me to be considered for this fight and to carry the mixed martial arts mantel.”

Toney brings a lot of credibility to the bout as he is the current IBA heavyweight champion.  Although he is 72-6 in his boxing career he will be entering a truly different realm with MMA.

Boxers do not have to worry about leg kicks and take downs nor do they wear the 4-ounce gloves of the UFC fighters.  Toney will also have to counter potential submissions and wrestling maneuvers.

There is plenty of UFC online betting skepticism about Toney’s chances but the boxer has been working hard and is confident.

“I enjoy it,” said Toney.  “For the past five months I’ve been preparing for this transition.  I’m ready for everything.  I’m born to win, that’s all I do.”

In fact Toney has gone “Joe Namath” with something of a UFC 118 betting guarantee for the matchup.

“Whatever happens happens but I win hands down,” said Toney.  “I’m going to knock him out.”

Couture was more analytical about the fight.

“There’s a lot of things that don’t happen in boxing that are going to happen when you get in the cage,” said the MMA legend.