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UFC118 Betting - Penn Motivated to Rip Crown

UFC 118 betting for the August 28 event will focus on the lightweight championship bout between BJ Penn and champion Frankie Edgar with the UFC 118 odds.

UFC 118 betting handicappers would be well advised to pay heed to the intense motivation that Penn is feeling as he prepares for this bout with the UFC 118 odds.

Penn was the lightweight champion of UFC until Edgar defeated him in a unanimous decision at UFC 112 at Abu Dhabi on April 10 of this year.  Penn is adamant that Edgar does not deserve the title belt and that the current champion did more moving and dancing than actual fighting.

Penn has vowed that this rematch will not be put in the hands of the judges.

Penn has been talking some serious smack as he discounts Edgar’s title and tactics.

“He’s running around,” said Penn, who had 3 successful title defenses of the lightweight crown before his loss to Edgar.

“Just step up and fight. And then I see his whole team run and pick him up. All your boys put you on their shoulders and dance you around in front of the judges and try to steal the victory. I’m not gonna be a part of that. Whatever man. That’s the man you are. You’re the ultimate fighting champion. Okay. I got you. It’s a joke.”

Penn has the UFC online betting reputation for being one of the best pure fighters in the UFC series as well as a tough competitor.  Penn’s motivation should only add to his price on the board as many handicappers believe that he will redeem himself and rip the belt back from Edgar.

Known as “The Prodigy,” Penn is willing to do whatever it takes against Edgar to win back the title.  Penn has gotten to the point where he is taunting the current champ.

“I’m not afraid to exchange with him in any way,” said Penn.

“I don’t think he wants to exchange with me. He’s going to be running around. He’s just going to try to jazz up what he did last time. His corner, they don’t have much to work with. They’ve just got little Frankie Edgar. They don’t have the knockout king or submission king. They’ve just got Frankie Edgar.”

No wonder this UFC 118 betting matchup is one of the most anticipated in recent years.