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UFC 117 Odds - Silva Returns to Headline Event after Showboating

UFC 117 odds will feature Anderson “The Spider” Silva as he will defend his Middleweight Championship in an August 7 UFC betting matchup against Chael Sonnen.

UFC 117 odds will favor Silva to defend his crown but many UFC betting fans will recall Silva’s last performance at UFC 112 when he went over the top with his antics.

“The Spider” openly taunted Demian Maia in their bout for the first portion of it and then refused to attack in the final stages as he went on to an easy victory while totally annoying the UFC and mixed martial arts fans all over the world.

Maia was an overmatched substitute for Vitor Belfort, who suffered an injury before the bout.  Maia was no match for Silva, who let the entire crowd know it.

UFC President Dana White was openly critical of Silva after the bizarre showboating incident and even threatened to put him on the preliminary card for his next bout but obviously relented as he headlines UFC 117 from Oakland.

White said that “You have to,” as far as where he put Silva on the card.  “He’s the main event.”

“Listen, he’s our guy,” said White.  “He’s the champion.”

White did go on to say, however, that he will cut Silva from UFC if he ever clowns like he did at UFC 112 ever again.

White said that he could give no explanation as to why Silva behaved the way he did in Abu Dhabi for UFC 112 as a sit down between the two produced no answers.

Despite those theatrics Silva remains highly regarded and respected throughout UFC gambling circles as one of the most dangerous fighters in the series.

But with that fearsome reputation in the ring comes plenty of anger and disgust from mixed martial arts fans and handicappers who thought that it was an insult to a sport that is based on discipline and respect.

There has been plenty of speculation as to why Silva would break from his normal personality of being respectful to opponents.  Perhaps he is becoming bored with being so dominant and not having faced a serious challenge to his title.

Sonnen compared Silva’s antics to a schoolyard bully picking on an inferior kid.

“Anderson is a bully,” said Sonnen.  “Like any bully he will back down when confronted.  This guy is a bully and a fraud.”

Now THOSE are some FIGHTING WORDS from the challenger!