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Tennis betting with live odds and player match-ups. offers up to initial deposit bonus for tennis betting.

Tennis betting options are available for both men's and women's tournaments. You can bet tennis throughout the year as various tournaments have tennis betting odds each month. Tennis betting for many people involves the Grand Slam events. The four Grand Slam events are Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the French Open and the Australian Open. Tennis betting options for these four tournaments are the most popular, especially Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

Tennis betting is still way down the list of priorities at a sportsbook but you will see options listed on the Grand Slam tournaments and many sportsbooks also offer tennis betting options on other tournaments each month. The first Grand Slam event is the Australian Open in January. The French Open takes place in late May.

Wimbledon is played in late June and the U.S. Open is the final Grand Slam event in late August. These are the four tournaments that get the most action from gamblers around the world. Tennis betting has two basic choices for gamblers. You can bet tennis in regards to a player winning a tournament or you can bet tennis matchups.

The first of those tennis betting choices is like a futures bet. It is where you are wagering on a player to win an event before it begins. It is similar to wagering on a player to win a golf tournament or a driver to win a race. The odds will range anywhere from odds-on to 100-1 or more. The other basic tennis betting choice is the matchup.

This is where you bet one player against another in a matchup. These are usually posted on the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final of a tennis tournament. Usually you won't see the early round matchups since the popular players like Roger Federer would be heavy favorites. A tennis betting matchup is a money line wager similar to what you see in baseball or hockey.

You just need the player you wager on to beat the other player in order to win. You might be laying -150 or -200 to win $100 or the 15/10 or 20/10 equivalent. You can also choose to take the underdog in a tennis betting matchup as well. It can be exciting to bet tennis and it can be profitable if you are able to choose the winner of a tournament or pick profitable matchups.


Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is an area of sports gambling that sometimes gets ignored by the average bettor.

That is unfortunate because tennis betting offers excellent opportunities to make money. Let’s consider some of the basics for tennis betting and reasons to bet tennis

Tennis Betting Schedule at Sports Gambling

Tennis betting has its first Grand Slam event starting January 19 as internet betting tennis action will be on the Australian Open.

Tennis betting will have its first 500 point tournament with internet betting tennis action at Rotterdam starting February 9.  Memphis will host 500 point tennis betting action February 16 followed by both Dubai and Acapulco on February 23in a busy weekend of internet betting tennis.

Players to Consider when Betting Tennis

Betting tennis for many gamblers involves wagering on the best tennis players in the world. Do you actually know who the best tennis players in the world are?

Betting tennis on the men’s side usually involves taking Roger Federer.  He has dominated men’s tennis and must be considered every time you bet tennis.  He is followed in the rankings by Rafael Nadal. 

Tennis Odds and Lines

Tennis betting odds are available for tennis tournaments every month of the year.

Looking at Tennis Odds

Tennis odds are fun to look at and even better to make money against.

Grand Slam Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is most popular during the Grand Slam events.

French Open Tennis Betting

Tennis betting for the French Open is popular because the French Open or Tournoi de Roland-Garros as it is also known is one of four Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

The French Open begins in late May and concludes in early June each year for tennis betting gamblers and is played in Paris, France at the Stade de Roland Garros.

Betting Tennis This Year

Betting tennis this year will involve the four major Grand Slam tournaments in addition to a number of other great tournaments throughout the season.

Gamblers have great options when they bet tennis including odds on players to win the tournaments in addition to the option of betting tennis matchups. Bet tennis options last all year.

Bet on Tennis

Tennis betting is another sportsbook betting option that involves the money line.

Australian Open Tennis Betting Preview

Tennis betting for the 2008 Australian Open should be exciting as the top players in the world are competing for the title.

The 2008 Australian Open has the strongest field in its history with all of the top 100 men in the world in the field and 99 of the top 10 women.


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