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Tennis betting with live odds and player match-ups. offers up to initial deposit bonus for tennis betting.

Tennis betting options are available for both men's and women's tournaments. You can bet tennis throughout the year as various tournaments have tennis betting odds each month. Tennis betting for many people involves the Grand Slam events. The four Grand Slam events are Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the French Open and the Australian Open. Tennis betting options for these four tournaments are the most popular, especially Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

Tennis betting is still way down the list of priorities at a sportsbook but you will see options listed on the Grand Slam tournaments and many sportsbooks also offer tennis betting options on other tournaments each month. The first Grand Slam event is the Australian Open in January. The French Open takes place in late May.

Wimbledon is played in late June and the U.S. Open is the final Grand Slam event in late August. These are the four tournaments that get the most action from gamblers around the world. Tennis betting has two basic choices for gamblers. You can bet tennis in regards to a player winning a tournament or you can bet tennis matchups.

The first of those tennis betting choices is like a futures bet. It is where you are wagering on a player to win an event before it begins. It is similar to wagering on a player to win a golf tournament or a driver to win a race. The odds will range anywhere from odds-on to 100-1 or more. The other basic tennis betting choice is the matchup.

This is where you bet one player against another in a matchup. These are usually posted on the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final of a tennis tournament. Usually you won't see the early round matchups since the popular players like Roger Federer would be heavy favorites. A tennis betting matchup is a money line wager similar to what you see in baseball or hockey.

You just need the player you wager on to beat the other player in order to win. You might be laying -150 or -200 to win $100 or the 15/10 or 20/10 equivalent. You can also choose to take the underdog in a tennis betting matchup as well. It can be exciting to bet tennis and it can be profitable if you are able to choose the winner of a tournament or pick profitable matchups.


Tennis Betting - Federer Return set for Rogers Cup

Tennis betting fans will have one of the biggest events of the year to handicap with the tennis odds as the Rogers Cup takes place this week in Toronto.

US Open Betting ' Will Sore Loser Federer Rebound

US Open betting will of course include Roger Federer as one of the big favorites on the men’s side of the ledger with the US Open odds despite his loss at Wimbledon.

US Open betting fans and handicappers will also evaluate Federer’s chances with the US Open odds with a greater degree of skepticism as he has not played well in 2010.

US Open Betting - Top Ranked Serena Looks to Regain Title

US Open betting fans will be looking for Serena Williams to return to form as the top women’s player with the US Open odds after failing to make the final last year.

US Open betting handicappers and fans will recall that Serena was the 2008 winner with the US Open odds to make for a total of 3 career wins in the event.

US Open Betting - Nadal on Top of the World

US Open betting fans will have a new man at the top of the board when handicapping the US Open odds as Rafael Nadal has replaced Roger Federer as the best in the world.

US Open betting fans will also have to consider defending men’s champion Juan Martin del Potro, who was the big underdog winner with the US Open odds last year.

Tennis Betting - Slumping Federer Still Man to Beat

Tennis betting excitement continues to build for the 2010 Wimbledon Championships that will take place starting June 21.

Tennis Betting - Wimbledon Begins June 21

Tennis betting excitement and anticipation has begun to build for the absolute most important time of year for everyone who likes to bet tennis.

Wimbledon Tennis Betting

Tennis betting for many gamblers really doesn’t even get started until Wimbledon begins in late June.

Wimbledon is one of the most popular tennis betting events of the year and it is the oldest and most prestigious major tennis tournament. Tennis betting on Wimbledon gets underway in late June and concludes in early July.

U.S. Open Tennis Betting

Tennis betting on the U.S. Open is popular, especially in the United States since it is held in New York.

The U.S. Open is the fourth and final event of the Grand Slam of tennis.  It is held in late August and early September. Tennis betting on the U.S. Open has always been popular since the best players in the world oftentimes focus on winning the Open. Since 1978, the tournament has been played on a hard court surface.

Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis betting is way off the radar screen of oddsmakers around the world. The only time that you really see tennis betting heat up is during the major tournaments.

This is good news for sports bettors though, because most oddsmakers don't know any more about tennis than you do. The first tip to betting tennis is to know as many players as you can. The top few are not enough. The top few players are going to be well known and offer little value.

Tennis Betting Odds

Tennis betting odds give gamblers two basic betting options. Betting a player to win a tournament before it begins and tennis betting matchups offered throughout the tournament.

Tennis betting odds for matchups is where most gamblers concentrate their wagering.  Tennis betting odds are similar in some respects to baseball odds.  In baseball you can have a heavy priced favorite that the public loves and continues to bet. 


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