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Who Will Win More Grand Slam Wins in 2015?

Some of the most popular tennis betting lines in 2015 are the lines for who will win a certain number of Grand Slam titles. These bets are typically organized before and after individual Grand Slam events and are often based on the rankings for the top tennis players in the world. These are often reviewed based on points like how well certain players have competed and what individual players could do in the future.

As of the midway part of the year, there are plenty of candidates to win Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. However, there are even more questions over whether or not particular candidates could actually do more to win big.

The big question right now is whether or not Serena Williams can actually win all four Grand Slam events in one year. The line for her to stay with just two titles is +162 tennis betting odds. Meanwhile, she has even money odds to win three Grand Slam titles and +350 odds to win all four.

There aren't any other bets like this involving women but there are a few other bets for men's tennis players to watch for. Specifically, Novak Djokovic has a potential to win three Grand Slam titles this year, what with him being the world's top tennis player. However, the odds of him having three titles are +333. The odds are still in favor of him winning two as he has -120 odds of winning. The tennis gambling odds of him having only one title are still +225.

Other players could be worth watching as well. Rafael Nadal has +350 odds to win a Grand Slam title. Andy Murray also has +175 odds of doing so.

However, the lines get lofty when going after more than one. Nadal has +5000 odds to get two Grand Slam titles while Murray is listed at +1400. Even Roger Federer has tough odds at +300 to win a title and +4000 to win the remaining two for the season.