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US Open Betting ' Will Sore Loser Federer Rebound

US Open betting will of course include Roger Federer as one of the big favorites on the men’s side of the ledger with the US Open odds despite his loss at Wimbledon.

US Open betting fans and handicappers will also evaluate Federer’s chances with the US Open odds with a greater degree of skepticism as he has not played well in 2010.

Not only has Federer’s play slipped this year but so has his sportsmanship and manners.

Federer was rather snippy after his loss to Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic and was far more full of excuses and alibis for his defeat than he was with praise and credit for his rival. Federer implied more than he lost the match than Berdych having won it.

“I didn’t come up with the good stuff when I had to,” said Federer, who also complained of a leg injury.

Federer has long been the dominant player in the game and his greatness added to an already healthy ego.  His ego, many will argue, has become out of control with all of that success and he has gotten to the point in his career where he now openly cannot handle defeat and expects to win every time he plays.

When he does lose, it’s so inexplicable to him that he becomes petulant and sour in the process.

Federer is closing in on his 29th birthday and has slipped to 3rd in the world rankings of tennis.  With a record 16 grand slam championships he is still one of the most respected of all players in tennis.

That being said there is also plenty of speculation from tennis commentators, experts, and handicappers that his best days are behind him and he may never win another grand slam event.

“He’s a human being,” said former great John McEnroe, who was known for his temper tantrums during his highly successful career.  “And he may face the fact he may never win another thing.”

Federer has failed to make the semi finals in the last two grand slam events this year with the French Open and Wimbledon and that has everyone in tennis gambling wondering just how much value he will bring to the US Open later this summer.

From 2003 through 2009 Federer was in each and every Wimbledon final and a record of such high success is hard for anyone to give up.  The US Open will answer many questions about where he stands.