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Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis betting is way off the radar screen of oddsmakers around the world. The only time that you really see tennis betting heat up is during the major tournaments.

This is good news for sports bettors though, because most oddsmakers don't know any more about tennis than you do. The first tip to betting tennis is to know as many players as you can. The top few are not enough. The top few players are going to be well known and offer little value.

It is the other lesser known players that offer you better odds. If you are able to have more knowledge of players outside of the top few then your chances of success are better. The two main options for your tennis betting are betting to win the tournament and matchups.

Early in the tournament if you are able to find matchups they will be very highly priced since top players rarely lose early in a tournament. Another tip to tennis betting is to really understand which players play well on each surface. Tennis is a sport where there are 3 different playing surfaces, clay, grass, and hard court.

Some players are great on one surface but struggle on another. Some players play better on grass than the hard court. Each player has particular strengths and weaknesses and it is important to understand their style of play. Tennis betting really involved the U.S. Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the Australian Open.

The majors are really the only time you will see interest from most sportsbooks when it comes to tennis. As a tennis betting player you should be familiar with each of the tournaments and their surfaces.

You should also be aware of the player's tendencies at these tournaments and whether or not they have particular surface advantages over other players. You sure don't want to be playing a clay court specialist at Wimbledon and conversely you don't want to be playing a grass court expert at the French Open.

Tennis betting is an area of sports betting where you may be able to find an edge if you do a little research. Hopefully you will find some profit the next time you bet tennis.