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Tennis Betting Odds

Tennis betting odds give gamblers two basic betting options. Betting a player to win a tournament before it begins and tennis betting matchups offered throughout the tournament.

Tennis betting odds for matchups is where most gamblers concentrate their wagering.  Tennis betting odds are similar in some respects to baseball odds.  In baseball you can have a heavy priced favorite that the public loves and continues to bet. 

This drives the tennis odds higher.  The same thing happens in tennis.  If a player like Serena Williams is a favorite of -250 to win a particular match her odds may go up to -350 or greater if money comes in on her to win.  Just like baseball though, it doesn’t matter how high the odds go as long as she wins.

The best players usually win in tennis betting odds.  Sometimes in certain situations you can find value going against a star but a lot of factors have to be in your favor.  Tennis is not a team sport and can’t be bet the same way as football, basketball or baseball.

It is a one on one sport and for the most part the better player usually wins on the tennis betting odds board.  The goal is to find the better player that is favored at a reasonable price in tennis betting.

Once in a while taking a shot at underdogs is not a bad bet but we have to make sure that we know more about the match than the tennis betting oddsmaker when taking that chance. Early rounds of the four majors are excellent times to look at tennis betting odds.

When Wimbledon rolls around it is often worth taking a chance on a “surface” specialist to win as an underdog versus tennis betting odds.  Tennis can be researched just like the other sports and does present many opportunities for the informed bettor that considers tennis betting odds.

Sportsbooks will post tennis betting odds on the Grand Slam events but other tournaments are on the tennis betting odds board as well.  As you consider your handicapping look at the major tennis websites to get an idea of the power ratings and any intangibles that are important.

Information is always a key when betting any sport and the more you can get, the better your chances and that applies to tennis betting too.  Tennis is way down the list of priorities with the oddsmakers and you as a bettor have a chance to take advantage of that fact.