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Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is an area of sports gambling that sometimes gets ignored by the average bettor.

That is unfortunate because tennis betting offers excellent opportunities to make money. Let’s consider some of the basics for tennis betting and reasons to bet tennis

Tennis betting can be exciting because you can make money at it.  Many times the oddsmakers will not know that much about tennis players and will make mistakes when setting tennis betting lines. This happens because tennis is just not a high profile sport for bettors.

Many sportsbooks will only offer tennis betting lines on Grand Slam events but others will offer tennis betting lines on tournaments every month.  The tennis betting lines are easy to understand because they are based on money lines.  For example you might have a line like this as you bet tennis:

Rafael Nadal          +220
Roger Federer       -270

In this tennis betting example you would risk $270 to win $100 on Federer or the 27-10 equivalent.  If you bet Nadal and he won you would get $220 plus your $100 back or the 10-22 equivalent.  Tennis betting lines are similar to what you see in baseball, hockey, NASCAR, golf, etc.

These are matchups where you are just betting one player against another.  Another option that people consider when they bet tennis is to take one player to win the tournament before it begins.  The odds on the tournament will have the top 20 players or so listed at odds to win the tournament.

They might be 1-2 on a player like Federer or 10-1 on someone like Nadal.  Other unknown players could easily have odds of 100-1 or more. Tennis betting odds are usually offered on men’s and women’s tournaments each month.  Keep in mind that the men and women do not always play the same tournaments.

They will definitely play Grand Slam events at the same time but men and women have different Tours and different tournaments.  As you bet tennis you will have a wide variety of choices if the sportsbook offers tournaments each month.

That is good news for you as a bettor because the more choices you have the more likely the oddsmaker will make a mistake.  Take a look at those tennis tournaments that are off the radar a bit and consider adding them to your overall betting menu of choices this year.