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Grand Slam Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is most popular during the Grand Slam events. Wimbledon and the US Open get more tennis betting action than any other tournaments.

The other two Grand Slam events, the Australian Open and the French Open are not nearly as popular with bettors around the world that bet tennis. Tennis betting on the Australian Open takes place during the month of January when a lot of other major sporting events occur and that makes the Australian Open way down the list of priorities for sportsbooks.

It doesn’t help that the tournament is held in Australia, which means matches are taking place at times when fans in the United States have little interest in watching. That does not mean you won’t have great tennis betting odds for the Australian Open.

It is the first of the Grand Slam events and begins the New Year for many of the top players in the world. As you bet tennis you may find some value plays on the Australian Open, simply for the fact it is the first major tournament of the year. Tennis betting action really doesn’t hit the world-wide stage until Wimbledon.

That is the Grand Slam tournament that seems to generate the most tennis betting action and attention from gamblers around the world. People love to bet tennis during Wimbledon. The tournament has the most history and people really like to follow it. The other major tennis betting tournament is the U.S. Open.

It takes place late in the summer from New York and other than Wimbledon attracts the most action from gamblers that bet tennis. The U.S. Open also has great history and usually is one of the most exciting tournaments of the year.

The French Open is played before both Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in the month of May but doesn’t generate nearly the attention. Part of the reason gamblers don’t like the French Open as much is because it is on clay and that means some top players will struggle.

Clay court specialists are the players that win the French Open and that doesn’t seem to excite tennis betting gamblers. The Grand Slam tournaments will always attract the most tennis betting action and generate the most excitement.

The men’s side of the Grand Slam tournaments has been dominated in recent years by Roger Federer. He is always a heavy tennis betting favorite. The women’s side has been more wide open in tennis betting with quite a few players having a chance to win each Grand Slam event.