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Bet on Tennis

Tennis betting is another sportsbook betting option that involves the money line. It is similar to baseball, hockey or golf betting, in that you only care about winning.

There is no pointspread involved and in tennis betting you are betting on a single individual rather than a team. Tennis betting at the sport book becomes popular on the “grand slam” events although some sportsbooks will book other events as well.

Tennis betting is very popular in Great Britain, where it ranks second only to soccer betting as far as popularity. Remember with a money line in tennis betting that you are betting a matchup created by the sportsbook pitting one player against another.

For example, you might have the Williams sisters playing against each other and Serena is -200 and Venus is +170. The money line tennis betting option has you wagering $200 to win $100 on Serena or the 20/10 equivalent or you get $170 for every $100 wagered on Venus or the 10/17 equivalent.

This is tennis matchup betting at the online sport book and casino and is the way most people bet on tennis. Betting on a player to win a tennis event is your other main tennis betting option at Internet sport books. That is sometimes more difficult particularly when players like Roger Federer dominate.

The odds on premier players are low but taking anyone else is a risk. The sportsbooks protect themselves from getting overloaded with action on these elite players with very low payoffs and tennis betting odds. Surface is a big key to handicapping tennis as you look at the sportsbook betting line.

You have hard courts, grass, and clan and each one is different, as are the player’s results. Looking at how a player does on the different surfaces is a must when betting on tennis at sportsbooks. Injuries and fatigue are other tennis handicapping factors to consider as you look at the sport book betting line.

If you are looking at tennis betting take a long look at the matchups first and then just glance at the odds to win the event. Your best bet in tennis betting is probably with the matchups, so take a look at those today and see if you can find a winner.