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Australian Open Tennis Betting

Tennis betting for many gamblers begins with the Australian Open since it is the first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year.

The Australian Open is probably the least popular tennis betting tournament of the four Grand Slam events but that does not mean it doesn’t offer excellent opportunities for gamblers that like to bet tennis.

Tennis Australian Open Preview

Tennis betting for the Australian Open may offer more value than any of the other Grand Slam events. The reason for this is that tennis betting oddsmakers are on more of an even footing with gamblers on the Australian Open since it is the first major event of the tennis betting season.

The other reason that value may exist in Australian Open tennis betting is that the tournament is just not as widely followed as other Grand Slam events. The tournament takes place in Australia and that makes it off the radar for most gamblers.

The matches take place at times when they are not usually viewed by people around the world that bet tennis. The Australian Open is held each January at Melbourne Park. In 2008, the Rebound Ace surface at Melbourne Park will be replaced by Plexicushion.

The change in surface is being made in hopes of easing the heat that the previous surface held. Many players will appreciate the lower temperatures but some are not happy because the surface is similar to DecoTurf, which is used at the U.S. Open.

Tennis betting on the Australian Open in recent years has had Roger Federer the heavy favorite. He is almost always an odd-on tennis betting favorite in every tournament he enters and the Australian Open is no exception.

The women’s side of tennis betting at the Australian Open is more wide open with quite a few players given a chance to win. You are likely to see as many as 10 women with odds of less than 20-1.

That is not the case on the men’s side because with Federer at odds of 3-5 or less, only a few other players will have odds of less than 20-1. Australian Open tennis betting also presents gamblers with the opportunity to bet tennis matchups.

These are usually put up by the sportsbook on quarterfinal, semifinal and final matches. These tennis betting matchups are straight money line wagers similar to what you see in baseball or hockey. The matchups are oftentimes quite popular with gamblers that bet tennis.