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Sportsbook Tips for Golf Betting

Sportsbook betting has seen a swell of interest among sporting fans over the past decade.

And it’s no co-incidence that the career of golfer Tiger Woods has soared during the same time the Internet sportsbook golf betting has also taken off. In fact, even the most casual of sportsbook fans could explain the cause and effect relationship of these developments. Internet sportsbook interest in golf has never been very high, even though the format for golf makes for a perfect Interest sportsbook betting game.

The reason, as often sited by most sportsbook fans is the fact that golf is so boring to watch. To play golf is one thing, but watching seems to have very little appeal to the average sportsbook fans. That is unless Tiger Woods is playing. Every since Tiger joined the tour, sportsbook interest in the game has spiked.

And it doesn’t take behavior scientist to explain the effect that Tiger has had on the Internet sportsbook golf industry. He has single-handedly lifted the game to sport status around the world and made golf a viable sportsbook betting option. There is simply something about Woods that makes sportsbook fans fall in love with him.

And love him or even hate him, you still can’t take your eyes off him in the Internet sportsbook competitions. No matter what the score is, no matter how holes are left in the sportsbook competition it always seems as though Woods has a chance.

In his brief career thus far he has produced some of the most amazing moments in sportsbook golf history and it’s only likely to continue when he returns from this medical related hiatus from sportsbook golf action next year. The best tip for betting on sportsbook golf odds is to bet on Woods.

That is hardly a groundbreaking idea, but it’s simply the way the sportsbook golf odds work. Betting on Woods in the sportsbook odds produces an awful payout, if at all. He is simply so dominant that betting on a Woods tournament can be an almost fruitless endeavor.

But the thing about Woods is that he plays an abbreviated schedule, therefore there are plenty of other great sportsbook opportunities to bet on when Woods isn’t in the field.

And even though they might not be as exciting to watch sans Woods, there are much, much, much better sportsbook betting opportunities available. And until Woods returns from his injury sportsbook fans have no choice, so it’s a perfect chance to get acclimated with the rest of the players in the sportsbook golf odds.

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