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Sportsbooks for Tennis at Sports Gambling Sportsbook

Sportsbooks were clandestine organizations that only a few bettors within the general public had access to but all that has changed with the advent of online sportsbooks.

Now everyone has access to sportsbooks just as they should in a free and open society. Sportsbooks action right now is going through the roof.  There are all kinds of sports bettors out there at present who crave the sports betting action that sportsbooks provide and with the ease of conceive that online sportsbooks provide they clicking on the web sites non stop day and night.  And why shouldn’t they be?  The NFL playoffs are in high gear and sports books have been doing very brisk business with this event, perhaps less attractive to sportsbooks fans but equally entertaining is the Australian Open which got underway this week.

For those fans not familiar with the Australian Open it is one of the most exciting tennis tournaments on the face of the planet and certainly something that any online sportsbooks fan should definitely check out.  The Aussie Open is one the four major professional tournaments held each year and considered a Grand Slam even by those in and out of sportsbooks betting.

But the Aussie Open is unique to the other three major tennis events offered up for betting on sportsbooks as it is the first big tournament of the year.  Sportsbooks betting fans have had relatively slim pickings in terms of tennis over the past two months but finally the new season is in full swing with the opening of the Aussie Open.

All the big names in tennis are here and even if you’re not a huge sportsbook fan you’ll certainly recognize at least some of the names of the great pros in the tournament like Roger Federer and Venus and Serena Williams.  Even if you’re not an online sportsbooks pro you’ll certainly recognize those names.

But aside from the action on the court and the great history of this event the Aussie Open is time of great excitement as it represents a new start and a fresh beginning: out with 2007 and in with 2008.  It’s likely that the results –at least on the men’s side- will vary little from what online sportsbooks fans saw last year, as Federer is still on top of his game, but with each new beginning comes new hope and new challenges.  And that’s exactly why fans should give the Aussie Open ’08 a look.