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Sportsbooks Experts and Euro League

Sportsbooks have enjoyed a huge run of success over the past five years thanks to the surge in online sportsbooks business.

And the sport that is leading this surge for sportsbooks across the planet is soccer. Almost every expert and sportsbooks fans can agree that the top flight professional soccer is played in Europe, but exactly which league in Europe is the best remains a highly debated online sportsbooks topic.

Sportsbooks fans can likely agree that the top three leagues in Europe are in England, Spain and Italy, but any more precise classification generally only ends in argument.

Online sportsbooksdon’t necessarily track such things, but popularity in the sportsbooks odds from one team or another would be a good indicator as to which leagues were collectively more popular among sportsbooks fans.

But the easiest way to approach the subject is to look at how well the teams from each league do in European sportsbook competition. Yet this yields information that only confirms that these three leagues are the best in the sportsbooks betting.

Each league has produced recent champions and each league produces the same amount of teams that qualify for the sportsbook final round of 32 each year. However, on the whole the English Premiership teams have faired better in the Champions League sportsbook betting than have the Italian and Spanish Leagues.

True, AC Milan has won the trophy several times over the past few years and Barcelona also took the Champions League sportsbook title not too long ago, but the collective representation of the teams from these leagues has not been as impressive as the EPL teams.

In fact, the EPL is the league in recent years to have produced two different Champions League winners in Liverpool and Man U. But beyond these two sportsbook champions, Chelsea and Arsenal have both also made it to the final four in this monster sportsbook competition.

And with more and more top players coming to the EPL every year the sportsbook betting future of this league looks very promising. Several EPL teams have also been mentioned as possible targets for wealthy foreign investors which could bring in transfer pools for even more top soccer talent.

For the time being the EPL must be considered the most talented of the sportsbooks leagues and it appears as though this trend will continue for several years in the future. So if you’re looking for an online sportsbooks soccer betting experience your best bet is to check out the EPL betting lines.

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