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Sportsbook Uncertainty in Green Bay

Sportsbook fans looked on in awe as the Green Bay Packers got off to a blistering start to the NFL season.

The team started off with two bid divisional wins and as a sportsbook bonus, replacement QB Aaron Rodgers looked like a world-beater. But four weeks into the season the team is at .500 and Rodgers could be out for a very big chunk of the sportsbook action. Sportsbook analysts now have plenty of questions about the direction this team is headed.

Fans seem to agree and sportsbook operations could throw out a sportsbook bonus of new car and a trip to Hawaii but there aren’t that many takers on the Packers these days. With a wounded Rodgers and plenty of weaknesses exposed in the team’s last two losses, it’s not a great time to be a sportsbook fan of Green Bay.

But with only a quarter of the NFL sportsbook season gone, the nails have hardly been put in the coffin. There is still plenty of time for the team to right the ship and with two wins in their division already, the sportsbook playoffs are a still a very real possibility.

But what has captured the imagination of so many sportsbook bonus fans is how quickly the fortunes of the team have changed. They were so high after the first two games and so low after the next. Such a radical shift is rare in NFL sportsbook action where parity seems to rule the day.

The key development for the Packers’ sportsbook hopes will be Rodgers’ health. If the shoulder injury is nothing serious, the Packers still look like the division title contender they did in the first few weeks of the NFL sportsbook action.

Remember, one of the team’s losses was to the Cowboys, the best team in the NFL at that point. And the team’s other loss wasn’t pretty, but it happened without Rodgers. So far Rodgers has looked superb in the very small sample size of sportsbook bonus action he’s played in.

The Packers’ secondary is a big concern and a capable QB can slice them up. But if Rodgers can keep the Packers scoring and keep the ball out of their opponents hands it will help tremendously. It’s too early to panic if you’re a Packers sportsbook supporter. But if Rodgers’ injury proves to be serious, things could get ugly in a hurry.

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