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Sportsbook Questions about Steelers

Sportsbook pundits had many questions about the Pittsburgh Steelers heading into this season and for the most part they still remain.

Despite jumping out to a 3-1 start this team has looked very ragged at times and many sportsbook online fans still have no idea if it’s a legitimate playoff contender or on the verge of a sportsbook breakdown. Making matters worse the team’s running back corps and offensive and defensive lines have been depleted just in time for the hardest part of its sportsbook schedule.

Sportsbook experts looked at the team’s 2008 schedule before the season began and cringed. The Steelers face what might be the most difficult schedule any team has ever played in the history of sportsbook online betting.

That may seem like a ridiculous exaggeration but when you consider that they will face off with three of the four teams that played in the AFC and NFC championship last year, as well as play the best division in the NFL sportsbook action (the NFC East) and the best division in the AFC (the AFC South) it would be difficult to imagine a harder sportsbook schedule.

Now imagine facing all these difficult teams, as well as your own very talented AFC North division foes, without your two best running backs, two of your starting offensive linemen and without two of your defensive linemen. That is the task at hand for the Steelers and the precise reason why so many question marks still remain in the minds of sportsbook online fans.

That mission becomes all the more complicated when your QB is being hit every time he drops back and is playing with a dislocated shoulder, a banded up throwing hand and sore knee.

This is not the recipe for sportsbook betting success. But the Steelers have talent and there’s little question they’re among the top teams in sportsbook betting when healthy. But when they’ll be healthy again is anyone’s guess and some of their key players on both sides of the ball are out for the entire sportsbook season.

If their quarterback can get the ball out quicker this should help the running game and by extension the passing game which is one of the best in sportsbook online action when functioning properly. On defense, sportsbook fans know the team must get pressure on the opponent’s QB.

When they can get to the QB this takes the pressure off a mediocre pass coverage unit and the turnovers pile up. But if the Steelers are playing the rest of the year banged up with injuries it will be a monumental struggle for them on sportsbook odds.

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