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Sportsbook Playoff Odds at Sports

Sportsbook playoff odds are great to bet in all sports, particularly in the NFL.

There is no question that people get more excited about sportsbook playoff odds than they do with regular season odds.  Let’s look at online sportsbook playoff odds.

Sportsbook playoff odds provide great matchups because the best teams are involved. There has been an incredible amount of parity demonstrated in all of the professional sports and the sportsbook betting lines in post season action reflect that fact.  Nearly every season in the NFL you will see upsets against the sportsbook odds.  Teams are always doing more than expected in the playoffs.  Pittsburgh went on the road and won all of their playoff games in 2005 and ended up winning the Super Bowl.  The New York Giants did the same thing in 2007-2008.  Home field advantage is sometimes overrated in sportsbook playoff odds as the Steelers and Giants proved.

The same thing can happen in other sports.  The NBA is another sport where parity can be a factor in online sportsbook odds.  In 2006 the Miami Heat went on the road and won the Championship against Dallas after being written off for dead by most sportsbook gamblers.  It also happens in hockey and other sports.  There is just not a lot of difference in teams once they reach the playoffs but the sportsbook odds don’t always reflect this fact.  The public loves to bet popular teams and that inflates the sportsbook odds more than they should be.

The same thing happens in baseball sportsbook odds.  Teams are almost always overvalued in playoff sportsbook odds when the baseball playoffs begin.  Teams like St. Louis can come from nowhere and be a factor in postseason baseball online sportsbook odds.   Just because a team like the Yankees or Red Sox are favored does not always mean they will win against the baseball odds.

The bottom line with playoff odds is that anything can and will happen.  This is what you must remember about playoff sportsbook odds.  Parity rules and that will make for great action and interesting online sportsbook odds.

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