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Sportsbooks are busy as they’ve ever been. With the NFL post-season getting underway, this is one of the busiest times of the year for online sportsbook

In the first match up of the day the NFC teams will take the field.  Sportsbook have all the betting lines and betting options available at wagerers’ finger tips.  It’s even easier to wager on these games now thanks to online sportsbook technology.  Instead of having to engage sportsbook over the telephone or in person, bettors need only to click the mouse a few times and all of a sudden you’re on the website.

The only other time of the year when the action gets even more furious is when the NCAA basketball tournament and its dozen of games take center stage. Sportsbook fans who like football and like wagering are in heaven, or at least they should be with two big time NFL football match ups today. 

When the Seahawks and the Redskins engage one another at 4:30 eastern time in Seattle, there is no reason that fans should not have made a sportsbook bet on the game.  With so many online sportsbook now available at the disposal of betting fans, there really is no excuse not to partake in the action.

Sportsbook for the most part are favoring the Seahawks by three to four points.  And a quick glance at this match up seems to suggest that the Seahawks are the better team and enjoy home field advantage.  But the NFL playoffs are a wild time when anything can and usually does happen and most sportsbook bettors are prepared for this.

The one edge that the Redskins have is that they are red hot coming into this game winning four straight games, playing the best football of their season and seem to be the darlings of fans.  If they can continue to play at the level they have the past several weeks the Skins will be the victors.  But if they make even a few basic mistakes the Seahawks will capitalize in front of a friendly crowd.  Most fans know that this is an offense that can put up points in a hurry and if the defense gets them good field position it will be over before the sportsbook even close the betting.

But the Skins have fought though adversity all year as the online results show and on Saturday, they’ll likely do the same and emerge with the win.